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Eshani Karu Md 12
Girl with Mask Covering Nose

This past weekend many of my Los Angeles Jewish friends observed the start of their High Holidays, specifically their New Year in Los Angeles.  They begin the observance with a Los Angeles blessing over the fruits of the vine and the fruits of the earth and then they wish each other a Los Angeles “sweet year”, a successful year, a year in which dreams come true in Los Angeles. So in that spirit I wish all of you in Los Angeles the joy of a new start and that all your dreams come true in Los Angeles.  Now in light that there is a world wide and city side Los Angeles pandemic called Covid-19, do you believe that this can be the best year of your Los Angeles life?  I certainly do.

The Los Angeles pandemic started around February 14, 2020 when California, Los Angeles and other states started to become very concerned with their city pandemic.  Los Angeles stores were closed, children sent home from Los Angeles schools and our worlds changed.  The Los Angeles restaurants were closed; there was a run on toilet paper and cleaning products and one would have throught that every 3rd person in Los Angeles would die, but that did not happen Los Angeles.  I’m not sure of the number, but I think that 99.9% of the Los Angeles population or more is still living and that the Los Angeles pandemic has not made a significant dent in the Los Angeles population, as one would have thought it was going to.

We do not know who will live and who will die in Los Angeles and because of that Los Angeles we wear our masks and social distance, but just because there is a Los Angeles pandemic of Covid-19 about us, around us, that is not an excuse for Los Angeles to stop living life.  A few of us know people in Los Angeles who have gotten the virus and there are even fewer of us who know someone in Los Angeles who has died of the virus.  The odds on one of us getting the Los Angeles virus and dying is so signficantly statistically low that we must continue to live our Los Angeles lives as if we expected to live to be 100 years old, as I do.

Let us embrace the end of Los Angeles’s Summer 2020 knowing that we have survived a most intense Los Angeles ordeal and know that we are going forward into a bright Los Angeles future and one in which all our dreams may come true in Los Angeles.