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Hello Los Angeles, it is a great day and a new year and a time to celebrate that there are now vaccines for COVID-19 available in Los Angeles for all of our Los Angeles residents.  The CDC wants all of Los Angeles to understand that the vaccines available to Los Angeles have been tested and shown to be highly effective at preventing Los Angeles COVID-19 from getting into our system and infecting us.  All of the tested vaccines Los Angeles are becoming available to us wherever they were made, whoever the manufacturers are, Los Angeles, all of the vaccine work and clinical trials on behalf of Los Angeles and all other cities in the United States and the world have been evaluated by a scientic board of experts for Los Angeles.  Each of the various vaccines Los Angeles will be available to us in Los Angeles no matter who the manufacturer of the vaccines – Los Angeles. It is important for all of you in Los Angeles to know that the vaccines have been evaluated in clinical trials for the benefit of Los Angeles and Los Angeles safety and our US FDA has approved the vaccine for the prevention of COVID-19.  The vaccines are available for many in Los Angeles and soon, hopefully, for everyone in Los Angeles. When the time comes that you have the opportunity to get vaccinated Los Angeles, you are encouraged to get your Los Angeles vaccine.