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Los Angeles its your Thanksgiving day and it is only coming once a year, but please let’s not over due the eating Los Angeles.  The Los Angeles medical people will tell you that those people who gain weight, gain about 1 pound during the holidays and they don’t lose it Los Angeles.  10 years 1 pound a year and voila Los Angeles – 10 pounds to lose on January 2, 2021 – Oh no Los Angeles tell us is isn’t going to happen!

So what do we do Los Angeles if we know that we could be putting on the 1 pound this year.  Los Angeles – don’t put the 1 pound on your body.  Let’s take a walk, run around the block let’s be proactive and get more active in our life.  Los Angeles, you can move the body.  Los Angeles, let’s us eat breakfast and start the day feeling good with wholesome Los Angeles food that will carry us tomorrow so that we are ready to pounce on the Los Angeles feast that will be there.  Los Angeles are you cooking the dinner?  Try using a little less sugar, less fat and maybe even a little less Los Angeles salt.  Our Los Angeles turkey will be laced with salt all on its own.  Los Angeles, maybe we can cut our portions by 25%.  Los Angeles I can see the plate is high, the calories are high the food is high and 25% less high is still a feast and a half Los Angeles.  Los Angeles if you can cut down by 25% on the first course of eating, is it possible to skip seconds.  Los Angeles, it may not happen, but try cutting the 2nd portion by 50%.  Los Angeles try it you may like the feeling and then maybe have just a smaller portion of dessert – because it may not be a Los Angeles thanksgiving without a proper dessert.  Now finally Los Angeles let’s take our time with the Los Angeles thanksgiving meal and SAVOR the flavors, savor the textures, savor your Los Angeles family for we are all going out when there is a risk of Covid-19 in our communities and so we want to SAVOR life, our familes and joy.