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Los Angeles Christmas is in a few Los Angeles days and many families are home for the holiday in Los Angeles, as the medical community is urging everyone in Los Angeles to stay home for the holidays. Those Los Angeles families with children, who are not going to a Los Angeles school campus, but have been home for months as the Los Angeles School District, what are you going to do indoors to make it interesting this holiday season in the forms of Los Angeles entertainment.

What do you do in a 2 bedroom Los Angeles apartment to make things interesting for the Los Angeles children?  One of my favorite Los Angeles games is a version of hide and seek, with colorful index cards.  While the Los Angeles square footage of our living quarters may not be large, there are enough small crevices and plants and lamps and small and large Los Angeles bookcases to hide a good number of colorful index cards, BUT to make it fair for the Los Angeles little ones – I play with the rule that the index cards must be hidden in plain sight.  Too often the Los Angeles older ones take advantage of the Los Angeles younger ones.  The point is to have Los Angeles fun and bring the stress level down in Los Angeles.  Get creative and hide the colorful inde cards in Los Angeles plain sight and it will still be a challenge for everyone.

Cleaning out the kids Los Angeles closet can be a fun game if you turn it into a Los Angeles mystery game. Have the Los Angeles kids go into their “chatchkies” and find Los Angeles items that are interesting. Have the Los Angeles children put their things into a Los Angeles box or hide it with an shopping bag or plastic shopper bag and then give Los Angeles clues until the Los Angeles object is identified.  Los Angeles children love this Los Angeles game and it gives Los Angeles parents an opportunity to have their children clean up their Los Angeles rooms, clean up their space and/or just plain throw the Los Angeles object away or if it Is reasonable they can give it the kids next door or a Los Angeles shelter.