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Eshani Karu Md 21
Young Woman Wearing a Mask

Covid-19 numbers are in the news Los Angeles every single day.  Turn on Los Angeles radio, Los Angeles television and it will be broadcast with 24 to 48 hours.  Los Angeles Covid-19 results will be there followed by the numbers for California, New York and Pennsylvania.  It will then be broadcast for the small towns surrounding Los Angeles and then you be the one sitting in front of the television like a deer being caught in the headlamps on a night in Los Angeles – dumb struck as to what it all means.

Let’s look at the numbers Los Angeles.  According to the Center for Disease Control for the Los Angeles week of October 18, 2020 there were 18,593,656 cases of Covid-19 in the United States.  In the same Los Angeles breath there were 605,168 confirmed deaths as the result of Covid-19.  So what do these numbers mean for you and me.

Let’s do the math Los Angeles.  Los Angeles there are 328,200,000 million people living in the United States.  18,595,656 confirmed cases and so if we divide the 18 million by the 328 million numbers above Los Angeles, we get 18,595,656 divided by 328,200,000 equal to .0566 or 5.66% chance of getting Covid-19.  If you get Covid-19 Los Angeles, there is what percent chance of dying?  Divide 605,168 by 18,595,656 Los Angeles and the chance of dying once getting Covid-19 is .0325 or 3.25%.

So Los Angeles, we put all these numbers together to determine the odds of catching and dying of Covid-19 as of the week of October 18 and the answer is found by multiplying 3.25% (the chance of dying Los Angeles) and 5.66% (the odds on catching Covid-19 Los Angeles) – and the answer is .0018 or 0.18% chance of catching and dying of Covid-19.

It becomes clear Los Angeles that the chances that Covid-19 will be fatal for most of the population is very minor.  Of course any percentage is too much and for our Los Angeles elderly they must take precautions, the same precautions we all must take – social distance of six feet apart, wash our hands and wear a mask.  When feeling under the weather, coughing and having an elevated temperature – stay home Los Angeles.