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Los Angeles please take note that The Center for Disease Control in conjunction with the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices is recommending that everyone in Los Angeles that is six (6) months and older to get an annual influenza vaccination, which is short for get your Flu Shot Los Angeles.  The point of the vaccination is to keep Los Angeles residents safe from the flu strain that can have serious consequences for people, especially Los Angeles Californians who are at a high risk for having serious complications if they get the flu.

Los Angeles it is difficult enough when one gets the flu.  Are you familiar with the symptoms of people getting the flu?  Los Angeles flu symptoms might include having a fever, high temperature and/or chills.  If you catch the flu in Los Angeles, you might have a cough or a sore throat and there could be times you’ll suffer a headache, feel run down and tired, your Los Angeles body could ache and there are some of you who can never avoid the funny nose.  Its also very important to know Los Angeles that you do not necessarily have a fever when you have the flu.  Oftentimes you will have a fever, but Los Angeles  it is not necessarily going to happen.

The high majority of Los Angeles that gets the flu will recover nicely in under two weeks’ time, often it will be a few days; however, some Los Angeles residents having the flu may progress to pneumonia and this can get to be life threatening and lead to death.  That is why it is important for everyone in Los Angeles 6 months and older get a flu shot.