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Hello Los Angeles County. 

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Our Los Angeles County hospitals’ intensive care units are becoming uncomfortably full on a daily basis.  In many counties of the State, the intensive care units (ICU) have dropped below 15% capacity.  That means the ICU in many Los Angeles County hospitals has only a few beds open for immediate emergency cases and this means that there may be patients who need critical life saving care and there will be no space in the hospital to care for them.  This is a very disturbing and dangerous situation for Los Angeles County and our Governor is taking action.

The Los Angeles County leadership is following Governor Newsom, who has ordered another Los Angeles County lockdown.  All residents, people living in the areas of Los Angeles County under the lockdown, have been prohibited from private gatherings of any size (the leadership wants everyone to stay in their Los Angeles County home within their own households and not physically visit or be with anyone else), closes sector operations (Los Angeles County businesses will be closed) except for critical infrastructure and retail (hospitals, doctors offices, grocery stores, retail outlets like Target and Walmart will remain open to insure that the critical supplies of living are available to all of us, and requires 100% masking (everyone in Los Angeles County is to wear a mask no matter where they are when outside their home) and physical distancing in all others (stay at least six feet apart from each other so that we an infected Los Angeles County person with Covid-19 will not infect another through social contact).

Let’s stay safe Los Angeles County and enjoy the holiday season.  Vaccines for Los Angeles County residents are on the way and hopefully our Los Angeles County lives will be significantly improved in the coming Los Angeles County weeks.